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Noobi-Heaven is Back

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Noobi-Heaven is Back
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Dear Community,

after years of waiting, i am finally able to tell you that the server is back and running smoothly.

As it took a way too long time, i owe you an explanation:

some years ago (when?) valve decided to update tfc (the hl1 engine too?) to fix some bugs we had already fixed on nh ourselves. As I thought the server update was required to provide necessary functionality to be compatible with the updated tfc clients, I decided to update the server. (as it is easy to be wise _after_ an event, i could have probably just ignored the update and nh would - with a high probability - still be compatible to the then-updated new tfc clients - but thats another topic). after updating the server and cleaning it up from unnecessary stuff the update came with (1/2 day of work) i sadly noticed, that the update killed almost all of my plugin's and module's offsets. (for those of you not familiar with the term offset in computer science: these are static numbers found out via analysing the code and trail-and-error to use functionality of the game that is not designed to be used normally).
as the offsets were critical to the custom functionality nh provides, my task was now to repair those. (again being wise _after_ the event: it would have probably be the better idea to have nh updated continuously, aka it could have been online a single day after the event with reduced functionality and with the time get all plugins running, one by one). as i had a pretty time-consuming study during that time, the process was VERY slowly and stopped completely soon after. (hey, cmon, be honest: it wasnt that i had no free time at all, but the one or two ours i had after i came home lately i instead spend on relaxing - sry, that was egoistic).
an unknown time period later, i decided to give it a try again and continued repairing it, just to be interrupted again due to work related stuff (what i did not know at that time was the fact that i was almost completely done, maybe just 2 more days of repair work).
as i had no idea how far i progressed the motivation was not the best, thus the nh-repair task moved downwards my priority todo-list. as stuff on my todo-list got added and removed, a few weeks ago, the nh-repair task became finally visible again and the one to be solved.
the hardest problem repairing it was to understand my work-in-progress super-crappy documentation of what i had already done and what was still necessary to do.
as it took me too long to decipher what the difference between plugins, plugins.old, plugins-before-update, plugins-during-update, modules, modules.orig, modules.bak. modules.new of directories created in 2013 was, i decided to wipe them up and start the repair work from the last known working installation of them.

and a week later ... TADA ... nh is up again Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

i know it took a way too long time and most (if not all) of the community probably moved towards newer games, but if you ever feel nostalgic again and want to play this oldschool game, nh is there for you to play on, and i would be very happy to join you for the few moments we might still have to spare.

with this in mind,

a very very (...) very sorry

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Well, maybe i will take a look sometimes so Smile

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